Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

"Loving God, Loving People" is not confined just to the Midwestern USA.  Because God loves the whole world, we are called to expand the boundaries of our compassion and extend his love into other nations.

Our missions activities are based on the principles of partnering with and serving God's church in other nations.  In our missions teams and trips, we're responding to the invitations of Christians with whom we've partnered in that country.  We go because they've asked us to come!  Secondly, we go to serve, not to dominate.  We seek to strengthen what God is already doing, rather than dictating how we think things should be done.  We bring our gifts, love and resources to bless and help, not to control.

We are connected to many different missions initiatives around the world and support them through our our combined missions fund for Lifelink Chicago and through our support of Global Horizons.

Guatemala Mission Trip 2023